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As the founder and face behind, I have captured New York City's thriving nightlife and the trendsetting souls who have inhabited it since the early 2000s. The website, which took me and my camera around the world, launched with a boom in the bustling aughts with … Continue Reading ››

Fool’s Gold 15th Anniversary at Webster Hall on June 16, 2023

A-Trak Presents: Fool's Gold 15th Anniversary: Featurring Uffie, Doss, Bag Raiders, Treasure Fingers, Naeem, The Hellp, Club Eat, Frost Children, and more!

Throwback to Good Old Days: Capturing Fool's Gold's 15th Anniversary

This past weekend was a nostalgic throwback to the good old days … Continue Reading ››

Trash! 20 Year Anniversary at Eris Evolution on March 12, 2022

TRASH! 20 Year Anniversary celebrating the memory of DJ Jess Marquis with all proceeds going directly to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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