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Hello everyone,

As the founder and face behind, I have captured New York City’s thriving nightlife and the trendsetting souls who have inhabited it since the early 2000s. The website, which took me and my camera around the world, launched with a boom in the bustling aughts with 150k+ daily pageviews. It was an international one-stop destination for party snapshots, lifestyle, fashion trends, and so much more.

Fast forward to 2015, I embarked on a new journey to revolutionize the event industry by establishing OutSnapped was born out of the desire to offer everyone a chance to be the star of their own show. It was the next step in my ongoing passion for creating and sharing memorable experiences. After a transition period, I am pleased to announce that OutSnapped has become my full-time focus.

OutSnapped is a forward-looking photo booth company dedicated to enhancing your event experiences. It’s a hub for creation, sharing, and engagement, aimed at immortalizing your memorable moments. Our offerings span from classic photo booths to futuristic setups with holographic displays, interactive video confessionals, custom AI and AR filters, overlays, remote virtual photo booths, and even AI Technology.

Continuing the legacy of, I have embraced the tradition of engaging with our community in unique ways. This includes my monthly mixtape series, an eclectic collection of tunes curated to get your party vibes flowing. The mixtapes, featuring a diverse range of genres, are perfect to set the mood, whether hosting a grand soiree or just having a small gathering at home.

My latest venture – “The Big Picture” podcast, brings together industry insiders, trendsetters, and game-changers to discuss all things related to events, experiences, and entertainment. It’s a platform where we delve into broader conversations about the power of experiences and their influence on our lives. You can subscribe to “The Big Picture” on your preferred podcast platform to stay updated with insightful discussions and exciting trends in the industry.

The spirit of continues to live on in OutSnapped. I invite all fans and followers of to join us in this new chapter. The party hasn’t stopped; it has evolved. With OutSnapped, we’re ready to take your experiences to an even more exciting level.

Please join OutSnapped on your favorite social platforms:

Here’s to a future filled with more fun, unforgettable memories, and shared experiences. Let’s continue the adventure together.

See you out there!

Nicholas Rhodes,
Founder and CEO, (and of course,

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