Together Boston Presents Alessandro Cortini & Ricardo Donoso at Middlesex Lounge on May 15, 2017

Featuring Alessandro Cortini & Ricardo Donoso

Together is a week long festival taking place across Boston and Cambridge celebrating Music, Art and Technology.

Alessandro Cortini
Italian-born composer and performer Alessandro Cortini is a musical voyager. Having spent considerable time performing lead electronics in addition to revisiting his initial instrumental forays in guitar for Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels, as well as continuing a solo project under the banner SONOIO (an Italian echo from “sono io” translating to “it’s me”), Cortini released his first recordings under his given name with the Forse series of works created on the Buchla Easel for Important Records. In 2014, Cortini began an ongoing series called Sonno for Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions, a gorgeously “restrained yet oddly emotive” call-and-response with the Roland MC 202, playfully dancing out of the academically driven approaches that typically infiltrate the aesthetic of hardware enthusiasts. Under his Skarn alias (releases with front line techno-experimentalist Shifted’s Avian label) Cortini once again displays his strengths as an interdisciplinary and incredibly talented producer and composer. Further works under the guise of Slumberman find spirit-collaborations with Den Haag’s notorious Panzerkreuz series.

Ricardo Donoso
Ricardo Donoso is a composer, percussionist and electronic musician from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who currently resides in Boston. After having studied composition at Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory he has participated in a slew of projects over the years, from holding down the drum chair in new music/avant-metal visionaries Ehnahre to scoring for recent documentary features such as Greg Barker’s “Homegrown: The Counter Terror Dilemma” (HBO pictures 2016) and the Grand Prize short film winner in Brazilian cinema “Casimiro Effect”. Donoso has since collaborated with film makers & video artists on commissions worldwide creating immersive environments & performances.

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