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FREE MP3: Gosteffects – “Tear The Club Up” (Black Matter Remix)

As the week drags on, we all grow anxious for that sacred time when we finally get to get our groove on.  Weekend warriors: get ready to tear the club up!

Black Matter, aka Jesse See Tai, delivers one hell of a punch with his remixes. Known for his electro-trash beats, Black Matter also fuses elements of tech and dutch house then throws in an extra dose of heavy bass (or two) for good measure.

His newest release, a remix of Gosteffects Tear the Club Up, takes the original bass driven track and amps it up with a beat that never stops building.

If you need some pumping up, snag the FREE MP3 for your pre-party playlist or stream the track above then let us know what you think!

EXTRA CREDIT: Download Black Matter’s FREE Pre Party Jamz Mix Tape!

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