NEW RELEASE: Telephoned’s “Ring Ring” EP! PLUS a rad teaser video!

Telephoned, comprised of frontwoman Maggie Horn and producer/DJ Sammy Bananas, pumps out unadulterated, infectious jammers that take their fans from electro-pop to roller-rink disco, raunchy funk, babymaking R&B, and beyond.

With cover-heavy mixtapes and an opening slot on Chromeo‘s sold out Business Casual tour under their belts, Horn and…um…Bananas are moving enthusiastically forward with the release of their first all-originals EP, Ring Ringout now on Fool’s Gold Records.

Snag it on Ring Ring - Single - Telephoned now and get to know the group that Pitchfork called “the most fun thing we saw at SXSW!” (And we saw one of those monkeys playing the accordion, so you know this is the real deal…)

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