PRE PARTY JAMZ VOLUME 130: Nobody Beats The Drum!

NOBODY beats the drum. NOBODY!!! (Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…)

Nobody Beats the Drum is Amsterdam’s rising star in the electronic music scene. This Dutch trio turn out pulse-pounding house bangers, live visuals you have to see to believe, and have even scored a co-sign from Yeezy. But before you catch these electro heavyweights at SxSW, Electric Forest, Sasquatch, or any one of the other many upcoming dates across the US and Europe, get yourself better acquainted with NBTD through their new Pre Party Jamz mix!

Check it out below:

[right-click HERE to download this mix tape]

Track list:
01) Nobody Beats The Drum – “Girls Suck” Girls Suck - Currents
02) Nobody Beats The Drum – “Poisson Vert” Poisson Vert - Currents
03) Cubic Zirconia – “Take me high” (Bart B More Remix) Take Me High (Bart B More Remix) - Take Me High (Remixes) - EP
04) Shameboy – “Battery Acid” (Nobody Beats The Drum Remix) Battery Acid (Nobody Beats The Drum Remix) - Remixes We Did
05) A-Trak & Zinc – “Stingray” Stingray - Single - A-Trak & Zinc
06) Distrakt – “Tarantula Nebula” Tarantula Nebula - Lunatik - EP
07) Nobody Beats The Drum – “Blood On My Hands” (Electrophants Remix) Blood On My Hands - EP - Nobody Beats the Drum
08) Nobody Beats The Drum – “Mind Control” Mind Control - Currents
09) Bonsai Cat – “Bla Bla” Bonsai Kat - "Bla Bla" Original Mix on Beatport
10) TWR72 – “Schizophrenia” (Nobody Beats The Drum Remix) Schizophrenia (Nobody Beats The Drum Remix) - Remixes We Did
11) Burns & NT89 – “Traffic” Traffic - Single - Burns & NT89
12) Maxime Dangles – “Dihaiz” Dihaiz (Original) [Original] - Modulation EP
13) Nobody Beats The Drum – “Show Your Shades” Show Your Shades - Currents

EXTRA CREDIT: Peep this video of NBTD’s incredible live production!

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