Hipster Holiday Gift Guide 2009 Edition

NickyDigital.com's 2009 Hipster Holiday Gift Guide

Friends, Dudes, Dudettes, fellow party-goers, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Lovers…

It’s that time of year again, and we know you’ve been waiting for this very moment. How exciting! Just wait ’til you see what Nicky has been collecting for your eager eyes to feast upon. We’ve been dying to share these totally rad, 100% authentic hipster goods with you… try to resist the urge to faint as you begin scrolling down the list.

P.S. We have given you plenty of time to go shopping this year, so no excuses. Get on it.

chefstack automated pancake machine

For the flapjack-friendly pal, gadget-foodie sibling, or always-on-the-run carb lovin’ boyfriend, this ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine is straight out of a breakfast scene from the Jetsons. It literally says: “Hey buddy, it’s all good in the hood. You do your morning thang and I’ll do mine. When we meet up I’ll have your delicious, fresh, pancakes ready to go!” Does it get better than that? Didn’t think so.

vnyl wall decorations

For the friend who is constantly rearranging his/her furniture, for the young niece or nephew who realizes there’s more to life than Hannah Montana, for that friend who giggles at the little things in life. Now you can have that antique birdcage you always dreamed of, and it’ll never collect dust or get in the way. Just slap the vinyl decor on your wall, sit back and enjoy. The Smart Vinyl Labratory has a decal for everyone… from ants marching to a jukebox, city skylines to faux frames.

cassette iPod Nano case

For that pal who always reminisces about her old walk-man… or your BFF who swore he’d never succumb to an iPod, but finally did, and wants to keep it a secret. Pop your high tech gadget in the nostalgic and recycled Nano Case cassette shell and feel super cool as you carry it around and force people to wonder how and why your headphones are poking out of a cassette tape.

Leica M3 Gold Digital Camera

For the gold lovin’, flashy, picture-taking lad or lassie in your life. Can you sa. “bling bling”!? this Leica M3 Gold Digital Camera is not only stunning and beautiful, but also functions like a top-notch piece of equipment.

@symbol jewelry

For that pal of yours who uses twitter. Um… that’s if you happen to have one. Twitter isn’t the only place where you can @ your friends and followers or add a # hash tag. Now you can express your every thought on current events right around your neck. Thanks to Survival of the Hippest, tweet without typing or even uttering a phrase. Your friends will know what it is you’re passionate about.

dog woofer speakers

For the techie pal with a sense of humor and irony. This Woofer Speaker Set represents form, function, and fun at their very best. SubWOOFers… get it!?

Diana Mini by Lomography

For that totally rad friend who likes to accessorize his/her wardrobe with a cameraDiana Mini, how freaking cute are you!? The lil’ sis to the Diana F+, this adorable mini is full of options from shooting with a retro square format to the amazing Half-Frame, giving you the ability to Shoot Forever, packing 72 shots onto one 35mm film!

Artifacts by Casey Plug & Socket Ring

For the power couple in your social circle!. Get them the gift that keeps on giving with this Plug and Socket Ring Set. How romantic! Hmm… we wonder if they come with European converters. Just sayin’.

Bernstock Speirs Gloves With Strap

For that whiny buddy of yours who not only complains when his hands are chilly, but also when his gloves go missing. Kill two birds with one stone by showering them with these Bernstock Speirs Gloves With Strap. Yeah, that’s right, they’re not just for kids.

Cocaine Spoon Necklace

For the friend with bad judgement, yet impeccable taste. Just note we’re offering praise of this Coke Spoon Pendant with a grain of salt… It’s a nice necklace, what can we say? If you happen to have some fairy dust (yeah, you read right) then you can use this to shovel it up.

Cool Cuke Bath Soap - Cucumber shaped

For the pickle-lovin’ pal who enjoys a cuke even in the shower. Now s/he can scrub a dub dub with these Cool Cuke Pickle Soaps, which are so totally salty looking, but actually have a melon scent. Interesting. Not so keen on the gherkins? Check out some other wild and crazy glycerin products… Maybe the Bacon Soap is right up your alley. Have a dirty cuz’ with a sweet tooth? He’ll love the Oreo Cookie Soaps or the Sweet Mini Donut 4-Pack… as long as he doesn’t eat it.

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A very special thank you to NickyDigital.com contributors LoveMadds who wrote this years Hipster Holiday Gift Guide (and many of the great style posts you’ve read on NickyDigital.com) and Shantz who drew the awesome illustration for this year’s gift guide as well as the covers for our weekly Pre Party Jamz.

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