UPCOMING: BBQ Blowout with Leah Cohen (Pig and Khao) and Ducky (DJ Set) at Good Co. On July 13, 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen, summer is officially here (hello equinox!) and we couldn’t be happier to be teaming up with one of the city’s most bad-ass chef, Leah Cohen! Owner & Chef of Pig & Khao, Leah serves up Southeast Asian inspired cuisine with Thai and Filipino influences and she’ll be bringing those bold flavors to the grills! On the decks will be a Snacky Tune’s classic guest, Ducky, bringing the elctro sweetness all night long!


TONIGHT: House Party NYC Party at Webster Hall on July 10, 2014! RSVP for Guest List!

Come out and dance the night away with Just Blaze, DJ Soul, DJ Big Ben, Jasmine Solano, Will Gates, Vashtie, JunglePussy, Huggy Bear, DJ Sliink, Dirty South Joe, Swizzymack, Hydrabad and more!

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