Gotham presents ALOK at Webster Hall on January, 14 2017

Featuring ALOK, Bad Ginger, Dischetto, Tjani and more!

Gotham hosted ALOK’s NYC debut alongside sets from Brooklyn’s Bad Ginger and our trustee residents Dischetto and Tjani!

Alok is an individual who has a very strong musical roots, raised in a family where both parents (DJS Swarup and Ekanta) and twin brother (Bhaskar) are also electronic music artists. Since she was 11 years old, her universe has revolved around her. The early start made him a proactive producer alongside Brother Bhaskar and eventually solo career totals over a decade of work. More than 10 years later, Alok dedicated his time relentlessly, becoming one of the most prominent icons of the Brazilian scene, with honors and awards, such as; “Best Brazilian DJ” for House Mag Brasil twice consecutive (2014/2015) and 44th in the world for Dj Mag, in 2015.

In 2016, Alok toured several countries on all continents, as well as playing at major festivals and events spreading his style popularly called “Brazilian Bass”. In the same year Alok received the recognition of his hard work, along with tireless hours of dedication attracting important achievements, such as, contracts signed with Spinning Records and William Morris (WME).

Alok has worked tirelessly over the past few years in a constant evolution and progress where his music, very authentically, has made him a pioneer of a new subgenus, the “Brazilian Bass”. His music blends elements and influences that blend techno footprints and elements of the house.

Versatility, skill and charisma make Alok a guarantee of exceptional responses on dance floors. Attitudes translated into strong basslines bring the certainty that Alok is the new bet for the national and international scene. Discover Alok.

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