Good Looks New York Presents: Housewarming Winter 2015 Edition at The Graham on January 24, 2015

Good Looks New York and Friends Return to The Graham

Featuring Bass Control, Rookatta (Roo + Narkatta), LAETUS and more!

[Photos by Daryl Oh for]

BASS CONTROL: Good Looks New York’s stellar DJ Bass Control Ultra Music Festival Veteran of over 12 consecutive year will be at The Graham to deliver a sultry electronic house sound to your eardrums. Consistently moving the crowd with his soulful grooves Bass Control epically blends fresh techniques with old school flavor. This veteran DJ is sure to light the dance floor on fire!

NARKATTA: Raised by wolves, picked up the guitar after obsessing over a video of Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire at Monterey Pop Fest in ’67. Idolizing Jimi, he began emulating him by experimenting with amplification and distortion of sounds with an array of
guitar pedals. Combining that analog sound with the digital sounds created by his computer, he
began to be known for spinning high energy sets that were not limited to any genre, combining
Swing & Electro House, Deep House, Dub, Glitch Hop, Trap, Ghetto Funk, Future Bass and Trip

LAETUS: Persona non grata in the state of Arkansas, Laetus has been spinning since he was only a degenerate schoolboy. Spinning a versatile mixture ranging from the strangest deep house and techno to the dankest, sleaziest Trap and Jungle terror that makes buildings shake. Laetus has performed with artists such as The Chainsmokers, Luminox, Ookay, Kirstain Nairn, Subset, Liquid Stranger, Buku and Space Jesus at events such as Farm Fest 2014, U is Nation’s Masquerave and many more, the future is bright for Laetus.
Good Looks New York latest addition Laetus has been on fire lately from the Sold Out Rave of Thrones to his upcoming debut on the mainstage of Webster Hall with Wolfgang Gartner!

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