Iceland Airwaves on November 8, 2014

Featuring the Iceland Airwaves Blue Lagoon Chill Party, DJ Yamaho, Halleluwah, Dream Wife, Young Karin, Lily the Kid, The Knife, DJ Margeir, Zebra Katz, Shannon F and more!

Day 5 of our coverage of Iceland Airwaves began with a road trip out to the world famous Blue Lagoon with DJ Yamaho, one of our besties in Reykjavik, for her DJ set at the Iceland Airwaves Chill Party. Year after year this is one of our favorite events to shoot because it’s always got amazing music and people from around the world boppin’ their heads in a geothermal spa. On the car ride out to the party Yamaho and I talked about our suspicions that trip hop is on it’s way back into the music scene. She appeased me by playing a bunch of great trip hop classics mixes with a bunch of new tracks that had an obvious trip hop influence.

Once we got back to beautiful downtown Reykjavik we grabbed a quick “Snoop Dogg Burger” at Prikið, a mostly locals dining spot with a burgers named after American pop-culture icons, swapped some memory cards at my apartment on Laugavegur and wasted no time before diving back into the music.

First we caught the British/UK all girl 3 piece Dream Wife at Loft Hostel, the debut show of Lily the Kid at Gamla Bíó, and then ran down to Reykjavik’s oldest theater Iðnó (where we had a scandalous supper 6 years ago almost nearly to the day) to catch Halleluwah.

We first met Halleluwah at their first EVER show at Kaffibarinn at last year’s airwaves and we became fast friends. We’ve stayed in touch with them on nearly a daily basis the past year and we were so pleased to hear the growth in both their song writing and liver performance.

Next up was the show everyone was talking about. The Knife’s final show EVER. It went down at Harpa Concert Hall right on the water front and it was nothing short of a 90 minute aerobic dance party. featured our photos from this show a few days ago and the guys over at Noisey wrote up a piece that sums up the show perfectly so I’m going to suggest you read that over here.

Iceland’s local treasure DJ Margeir closed out the night at Harpa accompanied by a live drummer and bassist and a handful of guest vocalists including Brooklyn’s very own Zebra Katz.

We caught a few songs from Logi Pedro Stefánsson’s new project Young Karin in the basement of Reykjavik’s national theater Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn before finishing our night at Dolly for the sweatiest dance party we’ve been to in ages. Once again DJ Yamaho was behind the decks and was later joined by Shannon F of Light Asylum who’s been on the tour lending her unmistakable voice to The Knife’s live show.

The dance floor was was moving with locals, most of the members of The Knife and music fans (and aficionados) from around the world until the lights came on and the party was pushed out onto the streets at nearly 5AM.

[All images edited and uploaded from our home away from home office at’ Laugavegur Apartments]

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