STYLE: Egyptian Inspiration Trend

egyptian trend

Always dreamt of being an Egyptian goddess?… well now’s your chance!

The mysterious and beautiful Ancient Egyptian culture is having a major effect on some modern day fashion trends. We’re talking heavy cat eye makeup, oversized statement necklaces, headpieces and more! This trend is definitely present in apparel, but its surely having a major moment in jewelry and accessories.

Also, the Eye of Horus seems to continuously be popping up throughout fashion as well. In Egyptian culture this symbolizes protection, power and good health. Seems like a pretty legit symbol that you’d want to have handy!

Check out all the Egyptian goddess inspiration below:
Egypt Leggings by Black Milk Clothing
Sands of Egypt Bat Sleeved Dress by Camilla
Aura Headpiece by Mr.Kate
Sacred Cat Midi Dress by Killstar
Eye of Horus Pouch by Wendy Nichol

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