Soulelujah at ZuZu on May 17, 2014

Featuring Chicago’s The Numero Group and the Soulelujah residents!

Soul-le-lu-jah was started in 2003 by Carrie D’Amour and since then it’s become the place to go for your funk fix, with DJs spinning soul, funk, and R+B 45s. The resident DJs (Claude Money, PJ Gray, Ty Jesso, John Funke and The Brobot) know what tunes to drop to keep the floor moving.

The Numero Group is an archival record label founded in 2003 in Chicago, Illinois, and it is a dogged, obsessive faction in an ongoing war. Its mission is dirty and labor-intensive…and it’s urgent as all hell. Time kills off precious bits of passed-over sound, story, and ephemera every day, just as fast as Numero can haul out of exile its sprawling treasury of under-heard recordings—along with the musicians, writers, and entrepreneurs who created them. With more than 150 titles in its diverse catalog of LPs, CDs, cassettes, 45s, 12″s, and DVDs, every Numero production is a modest miracle of localized sound creation, a shedding of fresh light on the efforts of men and women who sang, played, recorded, and peddled—largely to shallow rewards, if any.

Neal Sugarman by Soulelujah on Mixcloud

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