STYLE: The Great Explorer Trend

outdoor trend

Get your camping gear ready and escape to the great outdoors!

This menswear trend incorporates camo prints, natural earth tones and just flat out being a grizzly camping man! Items ranging from geared up backpacks, camping accessories, skateboards, camouflage jackets and just all things adventure. This trend is all about real life, real living, being hands on and rebellious.

So, let that beard grow out, escape that every day work grind and enjoy the crisp air of nature.

Check out a few items below that fit this outdoorsy trend:
Cyclops Trucker Hat by Poler
Vintage Animals Backpack by HYPE
Rick McCrank Cruiser Deck by Girl Skateboard and Poler
Chino Camo Print Shorts by ASOS
Sediments Short Sleeve Woven Shirt by Altamont

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