GIFT GUIDE: Valentines Day Gift Guide


Don’t waste your time (or money!) with overpriced roses or a boxes of chocolates… This year is your chance to get something totally sweet for your sweetheart!

Whether your luvah is cute and quirky or down to play some naughty games, we got everything that will make your hearts totally melt this Valentine’s day. Click around below and stumble upon 14 totally rad gift for that special someone.

Here at Nicky Digital we are clearly having a serious love affair with the most delish snack of all time … pizza! Peep our Valentines Day PIZZA collabos with our long time buddy Michael Shantz. Our I Love You More Than Pizza merch comes in two forms this year. First we’ve got the Single Slice of Love and our REPEAT-ZA which should fill all of your cheesy lovey dovey needs from t-shirts, iPhone accessories, tote bags and more!

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1. We all seem to know that one adventurous couple who are constantly on the move. Whether its a three week backpacking jaunt across northern Europe or just a weekend of camping in the Catskills, this couple can’t get enough of the outdoors or each other. Here are a few gifts that are perfect for those outdoorsy couples that don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty now and then. 
Be lazy and hang around in a tree together with this comfy Eagles Nest Outfitters hammock for two:


Enjoy a romantic meal with this everything included picnic basket set:


  Snuggle up together real close in this TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag made for two:


2. This special someone isn’t afraid express themselves … well through what they’re wearing … Whether they’re completely love struck or trying to drop some not so subtle hints about their feelings, this special someone has got YOU on their mind. Check out a few cute apparel items that prove that this special someone is totally into you. 
Perfectly sweet yet perfectly naughty:


For that special someone whose got hearts in their eyes:


  Comfy, cozy and in love:


3. Your love has been seriously struck by a cupid this Valentine’s day … You’re both love sick in every way possible with butterflies your stomach and hearts skipping beats.

Here are a few gifts for that cutie that got struck hard by cupid this year:  

Wear cupid’s arrow around your neck:


When your heart skips a beat:


  Cupid’s arrow cufflinks for him:


4. This duo always has serious FOMO, so that means they’ll never say no to a good time. These two are always partners for every drinking game and can pretty much out drink anyone. Check out all these alcoholic accessories for the couple who is always thirsty: 
Wanna give brewing a shot?.. well now you can brew your craft beer own!


Take a shot with your partner in crime:


  Drink out of wine glasses that are just as tipsy as you are:


5. Your special someone has an addictive personality, whether it be a serious caffeine addiction or smoking way to much you know what. But even if your lover is addicted to one or both of these, just know they are also addicted to you!

Here are a few gifts below for that special someone who’s addicted to your love. 

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker or your favorite coffee snob:


The Baron Von Fancy ash tray for that specail someone who is Addicted to you … and cigarettes:


  The Pixel Heart Morphing Mug for the special person who warms your heart:


6. This is for your one and only who is up to no good and loves to play mind games. This one has got you all sorts of confused, so let us help you turn the table with some fun and games of your own:  
This game will never stop until you tired out:


Play mind games with some sexy truth or dare:


  Can’t choose just one game to play? Check out this book with a bunch of different ideas:


7. For your one and only who has natural love for being in the kitchen. Whether they have an amazing speciality or can cook almost everything perfectly … everyone knows the proverb, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” … Check out these love inspired kitchen accessories for the loving cook:  
Measure your love with these heart shaped measuring spoons:


Bake some heart shaped cookies with this Wilton Nonstick Heart Whoopie Pie Pan:


  Flip hearts with this V-Day spatula:


8. As you can tell here at Nicky Digital we clearly love pizza. But, if our options weren’t chessey enough for you here are a few more that will make your heart melt:
Learn to make your very own DIY PIZZA PIE with your loved one!


Two drunk and busy getting busy to eat your pizza now, get it nice and cold for morning after pizza?


  Love charms for the modern day complicated sextet:


9. You sat their for endless nights with your BFF while she vented about her ex … Then you took her out to party to help heal her wounds, but for some reason she’s still all hung up … (even though it’s almost been three years!) … Here are a few gifts for your bestie who is still holding a grudge against LOVE and valentine’s day:  
Make her feel better about her situation with this book, 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours:


Great to release some built up tension with this 5-Piece VoodDoo Knife Set with Unique Red Holder Designed By Raffaele Iannello:


  Discount chocolate day on February 15 … ain’t that the truth?

discount chocolate day  

10. For your lover whose get their head in the clouds and ears buried deep into some tunes. Don’t be shocked if they make you a mixtape of all the songs that remind them of you this Valentine’s day. Check out some cool gift ideas for your musically obsessed boyfriend/girlfriend:  
For the guitarist that you pick:

Music In My Heart Personalized Guitar  

Listen to the beat of love without getting all tangled up:


  Jam out loud with this Beats by Dre portable bluetooth RED speaker:


11. Receiving that super cool gift you’ve always wanted is always a plus, but sometimes it means more when a gift comes from the heart … and by heart we mean the hands … as in handmade!

Below are a few creative DIY gift ideas for the creative lover who prefers if you do it yourself:  

Easy, cute and super meaningful:

52 things I love about you  

Make a bouquet of all his fav things from underwear to liquor:

diy valentines day bouquet

AND who doesn’t love flowers.. and bacon?!

smell the bacon roses  

  Let your creative juices flow as you create your next masterpiece with this body paint set:

Adult Paint Box  

12. There are some relationships that are just flat out complicated. Whether they broke up, but are still seeing each other or they’re in denial and claim to be “just friends” … whatever the case may be it always seems to be due to a silly communication struggle.

Let us help you say what you need to say with these few gifts for that special someone who simply has trouble speaking their mind:  

Let her know you think she’s cute as f*ck:

cute as  

Wanna make out? Say it!.. or read it on her t-shirt:

ASOS Oversized Baseball Top with Make Out Print  

  Let that special someone know they put a smile on ya face with this cute card:

happy mofo valentines day card

Wear this necklace if you want someone to give you a call … maybe?

call me maybe necklace  

13. For your Valentine that always seems to be onto the best and next new gadget.

Whatever it may be, they always seems to be talking or waiting in line for the newest high tech item. Below are a couple of cool gadgets and accessories for that special tech savvy lover:  

Give the gift of flowers that won’t die (unless your laptop does):

Kikkerland US014 USB Flower Hub

Make sure you’ve got a charge wherever you may go with the Winten Portable Battery Pack for Various Cell Phones and Digital Devices:

portable battery pack  

Share your music with your sweet:


  Print your cute selfies together on the go: with the LG Pocket Photo Pd221 PINK Mini Mobile Printer for Android Smartphone:

LG Pocket Photo Pd221 PINK Mini Mobile Printer  

14. We all have that one friend in the group who always has their camera on them … This friend in the group happens to be your loved one.

Check out these cool cameras for the special someone who must always capture the moment:  

Super cute Vday inspired Diana Mini Love Letters edition with Flash:


Capture consecutive moments of love with the Lomography Sprocket Rocket:

Lomography Sprocket Rocket  

  See love through the eyes of a Lomography FishEye lens:

Lomography FishEye Point-n-Shoot 35mm Camera, Red  


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