Winkel & Balktick’s “MEMENTO MORI” at Green-Wood Cemetery on November 1, 2013

And 200 unsuspecting adventurers were brought by Mariachi band from Mary’s (dive) bar in Brooklyn, the rendezvous, to the 175-year-old landmark Green-Wood CemeteryBoss Tweed, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Peter Cooper and Leonard Bernstein, all interned there, surely danced in their graves—led by troupe Third Rail Projects—in a three-act performance of DUMBO impresarios Winkel & Balktick‘s “Memento Mori”.

The invite-only happening was part immersive theater (among the mausoleums), part Day Of The Dead feast, and part dance party (in the Gothic Revival chapel). The live work was commissioned by Espolón as first in a series of Experiences featuring emerging artists across disciplines. It was the finalé of a one-week run, with shows in Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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