IN FOCUS: Copacabana Club!

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Copacabana Club

IN FOCUS: Copacabana Club

WHO IS COPACABANA CLUB?: Caca V (vocals/synths), Claudia Bukowski (drums), André França (guitar/vocals), and Carlos Cafareli Jr. (bass)

HAILING FROM: Curitiba, Southern Brazil

DIG IT IF YOU LIKE?: Major Lazer, Oliver

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?: Copacabana Club isn’t a fancy 5 star hotel, or that new Miami beach club you were thinking of, but rather a group of 4 musicians pumping out “indie rock tunes with a twist of Brazilian music.” Although the vocals are in English you can definitely feel the South American flair seeping out of Copacabana Club‘s eclectic tunes.

They’ve been stirring up dance floors across Brazil since 2007, and are currently working on a sequence of singles. We’d love to test these guys out in the states – what do you guys think?

UPCOMING: many of singles to be released in 2013.


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