FAVES FROM THE [5/17-5/19] WEEKEND: SAV, Mike Metro & Benson, and Astronomar & BOT!

For a remix that was made simply because he “wanted a version to listen to in the gym,” SAV‘s “Had To Do It Bootleg” of Daft Punk‘s “Lose Yourself To Dance” totally grooveable with a moombahton flair.

Speaking of grooooveable remixes, Mike Metro never ceases to amaze us with his tunage. We wouldn’t mind getting down to this disco track, remixed by Mike Metro & Benson!, whether in 2013 or 1965.

Labeled with the genre tag “ghetto,” “Ghettobox” by Astronomar and BOT is a killer start to Astronomar’s new download series, “Snacks,” ironically released by Main Course Media. Are you hungry yet? Let this hip-hop infused dance track satisfy your appetite.

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