The Killabits “OH HAI!” EP


The Killabits “OH HAI!” EPOoooooooh HAI U GUYS

The Killabits have just released their new 4-track EP, “OH HAI!“, and have been generous enough to let us download all of it for free via Thissongissick.

Released 1 week ago as a free download on The Killabits‘ Facebook page, the EP’s first track OH HAI! has that moombah groove with just a little spice. Next up is BOH!, a brand new slowed-up, dubbed-down track, still maintaining a spacey, moombahton vibe. Third on the list is the remastered version of ERRBDY!. May we remind you to put your hands up by the time you reach this song?

And it doesn’t end there!The last track, a Dr. Ozi remix of OH HAI!, has some all-over-the-place bass.

Killabits, you’re doing it right. You couldn’t have powered through OH HAI! in a better way. Bravo.

Show some love for these Canadians and download the goods!

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