WATCH: Heartsrevolution – “Pop Heart” New Music Video!

HeartsrevolutionHello, hello, is anybody there?

Heartsrevolution is here to interrupt your daily dose of the mainstream to provide you with some explicit emergency social commentary in their new track, “Pop Heart.”

Take a breather from Honey Boo Boo’s chubby belly and that usual Kardashian drama to ponder Lo and Ben’s burning question: Why is the world so g*Dd@mn impersonal? What better way is there for you to ruminate than while looking through a kaleidoscope brimming with sparkles, UK-esque fashion flare and flamboyantly decorated stuffed animals anyway?

This fearless NY-based duo will drop their new mixtape next week along with a full-length out this summer on *gasp* OWSLA.

Watch the bubbly video below.

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