WATCH: Free Energy’s Evan Wells’ Cybergoth Dance Compilation Video!

It’s time to learn, friends! If you don’t know what a cybergoth is, Evan Wells of Free Energy has taken it upon himself to shed some light.

According to the interwebs, a cybergoth is a person who listens to electronic music known as noise, or electronic body music. They have an affinity for neon and clashing colors, phat pantz, gas masks and goggles. They often have colorful hair, and even have their own form of industrial dance.

Fortunately for you, Wells has compiled a short video using YouTube footage to show us what being a cybergoth is all about, set to the tune of “Hold You Close” by Free Energy (a tune that these dancers are definitely not listening to).

Watch the offbeat video above to see for yourself, and let’s all cross our fingers for a cybergoth version of “Harlem Shake” to emerge in the near future.

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