LISTEN: People People Release an Invisible Wi-Fi Speaker System!

How many times have you looked around the living room/bedroom/kitchen/bathroom of your studio apartment (read: closet) and thought, “You know, I really need a new audio system, but I just can’t seem to find something that won’t clash with my carefully-curated Ikea decor that I stole from neighborhood garbage heaps…”?

Well, good news! The fine Swedes over at People People have developed a high tech concept speaker that blends seamlessly with its background, forgoing fretting over hiding wires and boxy behemoths.

The People People’s speaker’s transparent design is sleek and unobtrusive, while the rechargeable wifi antenna plugs into any 1/4 headphone jack, allowing tunes to be transmitted from anywhere in the room without fear of tripping over rogue cables.

The icing on the cake? The glass comprising the box is sourced from glass repair shops closest to each individual customer, cutting down on 90% of shipping and supporting local handicrafts. Sustainability is the new black, and it looks great on everyone.

Though the speaker is still just in the concept stages, it’s already topping our 2012 holiday wish list. To stay in the know about this slick sound system, drop a line to speaker[at]!

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