NEWS: Simian Mobile Disco Debuts Fixed’s New Mix Tape Series! PLUS “Nerve Salad” Mp3 download!

Simian Mobile Disco is Fixed

Fixed, one of our favorite parties, founded by two of our favorite DJs/people/audio curators, JDH and Dave P, have just confirmed the rumors that they are starting a mix tape series with Defend Music.

As if that news wans’t exciting enough, the first of these compilations will be mixed by Simian Mobile Disco! The first release, Simian Mobile Disco is Fixed, drops on October 12th and will mark the first domestic USA release for SMD.

Since Ocotber is soooo far away in internet years, stream “Nerve Salad,” a taste of what to expect along with the full track listing after the jump!

Simian Mobile Disco on the release:

“Josh and Dave were the first people to put us on in America, and they consistently put on the craziest parties with the best dance music in the United States. We jumped at the chance to do a mix for them, as Fixed is a beacon of hope in a sea of generic bangers. It has a broad, classy music policy and is set to follow in the footsteps of legendary nights.

The mix we have done for Fixed is based on how we hope our residency with them in New York will pan out. Fixed has always been a forum for the deeper and odder end of disco and techno, but without forgetting that it’s still a party. We mixed this live in our studio, allowing us to throw some extra effects in there and also a bit of the 808 from time to time.” – Jas (of Simian Mobile Disco)

Simian Mobile Disco | Nerve Salad [320 kpbs]
(click to preview or right click & save to download)

Simian Mobile Disco Is Fixed
Track List
1. Brain Machine “Eternal Night”
2. Etienne Jaumet “For Falling Asleep”
3. Jurek Przezdziecki “Qwerty Poema”
4. Conrad Schnitzler “Ballet Statique”
5. André Walter “Malphas”
6. Bam Bam “Where’s Your Child?”
7. DJ Hell “U Can Dance (SMD Mix)”
8. Paul Woolford “False Prophet”
9. Phillip Sherburne “Salt and Vinegar”
10. Clement Meyer “Midnight Madness”
11. Simian Mobile Disco “Nerve Salad”
12. Pantha Du Prince “Behind The Stars”
13. Hot Chip “One Life Stand (Carl Craig Mix)”
14. Chateau Flight “Baroque”
15. SND “05:36:58”
16. Delia Derbyshire “Dreams”

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