MP3: K.Flay – “2 Weak”


When it comes to song sampling, with great power comes great responsibility (right, Uncle Ben?). So San Francisco songstress K.Flay must have some pretty big lady-balls to take on an endeavor like sampling the hook to Grizzly Bear‘s uber-hit, “Two Weeks,” for her newest rap/pop release, “2 Weak” (see what she did there??). Luckily, the risk paid-off, and now we can reap the benefits.

K.Flay’s shamelessly honest lyrics highlight both her fearlessness and her vulnerability, while the looping GB hook makes the song familiar and fresh at the same time. “2 Weak” manages to deliver the pop-appeal without sacrificing any authenticity. This girl in one to keep your eye on for sure.
Stream/download the song below and be sure to check out her awesome mash-up mixtape, MASHed Potatoes, for FREE (for all you recessionistas and ‘stos)!

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