Pitchfork Music Festival Day 1 on July 16, 2010

Damn, it was a hot weekend in Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival. If you didn’t load up on sunscreen, you probably ended the weekend looking as red as a firetruck! But if you took care of yourself and drank enough water, then you undoubtedly had an outstanding weekend of music, dancing, and comedy, all starting with Day 1.

If you were an early bird on Friday, you got to see amazing acts like The Tallest Man on Earth, Liars and Sharon Von Etten. Hannibal Buress also pulled out some comedy gold. But the first act to really take us out of the workweek mode and launch us into Pitchfork mood was Robyn. The sexy Swede bounced around stage in a revealing side-peek-a-boo dress. She made shout outs to everyone out there in festival-land (by calling out to those in the back, the middle and, oh yes, the front) while working out and sweatin’ in the sun. Her electro beats even made people camped out in the shade by the Porta Potties shake and dance!

Right after that, you could turn your attention to Stage C to hear Broken Social Scene starting their set with a new hit song, “World Sick.” The group members had excellent stage presence, appealing to the screaming fans. And they lit the festival on fire when, right before their last song, they sang, “Chicagooooo! Thank you veeeery muuuuch!”

If you didn’t watch Broken Social Scene do their thing, then you could head over to Stage B, which, for the day, was reserved for comedians. Michael Showalter was awkwardly awesome (or awesomely awkward?) as he told his fans that Pitchfork called him and asked him to “lose his shit onstage.” And that he did, as he ended his self-deprecatory set with explaining how he lost track of it all. Comedian Eugene Mirman then took the stage, touching on topics such as abortion and internet marketing strategies. (Sounds boring now, but it was hilarious. You know how hard it is to repeat a joke!) But Mr. Mirman was very familiar with his surroundings and played a funny song from his iPad so he could, as he said, “fight music with music.” Well done, Eugene!

Modest Mouse was the highly expected act of Day 1, and if you weren’t suffering from heat exhaustion, then you were likely pushing your way forward to get the best view. The fans started chanting “Mo-dest Mouse! Mo-dest Mouse” before the boys from Issaquah, Washington even took the stage. Lead singer Isaac Brock was sing-shouting into his microphone (which probably sent some summer showers down on the front row). The electrifying light show was matched by audience members flinging glow sticks in the air, while a cool breeze set in and cooled off those who could feel it. And it was clear that the band was sparking good times; the crowd was so loud that the microphones onstage were picking up their cheers, sending them back out through the speakers. Awesome!

And if you weren’t tired yet, there were plenty of after-shows and parties, like the Liars concert at Bottom Lounge!

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