Turbo Fruits – “Get Up Get On Down (Tonite)” Music Video Premiere

Turbo Fruits Jonas Stein

You might recognize this Turbo Fruits song from the post-derby house party in that one Ellen Page movie, Whip It.

Get Up Get On Down (Tonite)” is definitely a party song, but this video for the tune is one weird event after another.

It’s awesomely bizarre from start to finish: from the breakfast of champions (cassette tapes) to a glowing horse to the poisoning of the bassist, Dave (who at one point, reads a book called Morality for Beautiful Girls). All that on top of the other thousand incomprehensible things that happen. It’s basically fun home footage taken to special effects extremes. Plus, sparkles and explosions make everything better!

The only thing that really makes no sense is why Jonas Stein, lead singer of the band, didn’t put some of that Sriracha sauce on his cassette tapes!

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