STYLE: Orwell Stingray shoe by Mr. Hare

Designer, Mr. Hare‘s creations are the byproduct of his lifelong shoe dreams and desires — when he was unable to find the ideal shoe, he took it upon himself to create these masterpieces.

In addition to obvious beauty (or shall we say drop dead gorgeousness), quality, quality and quality are three more things that this Orwell Stingray shoe possesses . This is the supermodel of shoes, and they seem to know it as they glisten in all of their disco ball-ness. Honestly — have you ever seen a sexier, more handsome pair of shoes?

Lace up your pair via Oki-Ni!

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2 thoughts on “STYLE: Orwell Stingray shoe by Mr. Hare”

  1. Ooh, I love those. I don’t know why, but I love men’s shoes so much. Would rather look at those in a store. Probably because it also prevents me from spending money on shoes for myself. But jeez, good shoes on a man = the best win.

  2. a-MEN to that! If you are a lover of men’s shoes… fine men’s shoes, that is… than Mr. Hare’s site will keep you busy! ps, good call on shopping in the men’s dept to save moola!!

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