EXCLUSIVE MIXTAPE: Roller Boogie Mix Tape Volume 1 mixed by Eli Escobar & DJ Duane Harriott

This Saturday, July 11th, Brooklyn’s Best Party on Wheels rolls on back to Studio B for another magical night of skating, dancing, drinking … and falling on your ass!

As always, a group of NYC’s most elite music selectors have been handpicked for this most epic night. Providing the musical soundtrack is Down & Derby resident Rok One of The Bangers, the highly revered dj/producer/genius Eli Escobar, and the ever-so-soulful DJ Duane Harriott (one third of the outstanding Negroclash trio).  

EXLUSIVE MIXTAPE: Roller Boogie Mix Tape Volume 1 | Eli Escobar + DJ Duane Harriott

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We are sorry to report that this edition of Down & Derby will mark the end of a historic era in NYC nightlife as Studio B will unfortunately be closing it’s doors on July 15th 2009. We’ve experienced countless good times and memorable shows during the past three years, not to mention that the club served as a debut platform for some of the biggest names in the world of dance & electronica. Our Greenpoint stomping grounds will be severely missed.

R.I.P. STUDIO B (Click here to view the Studio B photo archive)

On a brighter note we look forward to snapping pics of y’all dressed in knee high tube socks, neon tanktops, headbands, wristbands, fros, flatops, thighs of steel on two inch wheels, and striped short shorts to seal the deal!

Be sure to download Eli & Duane’s preview mixtape to get you in boogie mode for friday!

[Continue reading for track listing and all the important reduced admission & open bar info]

Roller Boogie Volume 1 Track list:

Sylvers – Come Back

Advance – Take Me To The Top

Todd Terje – Eurodans

Plus 2 – Stop Fantasy

Alice Smith – Love Endeavor(Murice Fulton Rmx)

Linda Clifford – Runaway Love(Ulysses 82 Edit)

Sparque – Let’s Go Dancin

Benjamin Diamond – Joyride (Dub)

D Train – Walk On By

Pleasure – Take A Chance

Linda Jones – Body Fever

The New Jersey Connection – Love Don’t Come Easy

Stargaze – You Can’t Have It

The evening kicks off @ 10pm and is 19+

From 10pm-11pm enjoy a Colt 45 open bar with Colt 45 specials all night.

Skate rental is limited so arrive EARLY …

$5 admission with RSVP. To RSVP visit: http://www.DownAndDerby.org

Mix tape cover photo by Krisan Cieszkiewicz.
See more of her work here: http://www.flickr.com/people/krisan/

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