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NickyDigital.com 2009 Reader Poll! PLACE YOUR VOTES NOW!!!

NickyDigital.com 2009 Reader PollNickyDigital.com 2009 Reader PollWe have to admit we were having trouble recollecting what made 2009 memorable, but after sifting through hundreds of nominations we pulled the best for the final reader's poll! A lot of people asked us why we're polling and the answer is twofold. … Continue Reading ››

EXCLUSIVE MIXTAPE: Roller Boogie Mix Tape Volume 1 mixed by Eli Escobar & DJ Duane Harriott

This Saturday, July 11th, Brooklyn's Best Party on Wheels rolls on back to Studio B for another magical night of skating, dancing, drinking ... and falling on your ass!
As always, a group of NYC's most elite music selectors … Continue Reading ››

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