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MUSIC VIDEO: Hecuba – “The Magic”

Hecuba is comprised of Angelinos, Isabelle Albuquerque and Jon Beasley, who met in Brooklyn some years ago. Their songs are like performances in and of themselves... listen and watch "The Magic" below to see what we mean! Continue Reading ››

MUSIC VIDEO: Marina & the Diamonds – “Mowgli’s Road”

Ordinary? I think not... We definitely tripped out watching Marina and the Diamonds new video. "Mowgli's Road" is certainly a different take on choreography, using master puppeteers and all. You gotta watch it to see what we mean. Continue Reading ››

MUSIC VIDEO: Drums of Death – “Got Yr Thing”

We seriously wonder how much make-up Drums of Death's Colin Bailey has used over time and if any of it has become permanently plastered on his face! "Got Yr Thing" is a banger, we just hope the predatory nature of the vid doesn't offend you. ;) Continue Reading ››

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