Together Presents Kerri Chandler, Detroit Swindle, Adesse Versions, Matrixxman, Kim Ann Foxman and more at The Middle East on May 19, 2017

Featuring Kerri Chandler, Detroit Swindle, Adesse Versions, Matrixxman, Kim Ann Foxman and more!

Together is a week long festival taking place across Boston and Cambridge celebrating Music, Art and Technology.

Kerri Chandler
Kerri “Kaoz” Chandler is one of deep house music’s originators, and has been injecting soul into music since the early nineties. An ambassador of the natural and instinctive 4/4 beat, Kerri’s influences can be traced back to New Jersey growing up in a family of jazz musicians. Since, he has produced a prolific body of work that has helped him become one of the most respected house producers in the world. Rooted in soulful Jersey House, the expanses of his breaks will inexplicably appear for a second and then disappear, creating fleshy excitement, not mechanical repetition. Kerri is fascinated by technology and its application to creativity. If you think all house music sounds the same, has no soul and is just four to the floor, then check out Kerri Chandler… You’ll be glad you did!

Detroit Swindle
The Dutch duo of Detroit Swindle (Lars and Maarten) are busy busy bees. Not content with just making awesome underground sounds, they have club nights, remixing the likes of Daft Punk or Chet Faker, and running their own label: Heist. They work hard to give Heist that unique edge with the artists they work with, the artwork they put forward and the special projects they have. Of course, Detroit Swindle have been playing live shows right from the get go, and have expanded their setup ever since. Currently, they’re touring with an extensive setup of analogue and digital instruments and perform their own music, unexpected covers and improvise on the spot.

Adesse Versions
It’s all about roughness and raw emotion, bringing a cut and paste ethos to house music. As Theo Parrish said “Love of the music should be the driving force… With that love, sampling can become a tribute; An expansion on ideas long forgotten.” Adesse Versions started out as a simple re-edit series, with humble ambitions of self releasing a few white labels. However the project kept growing, with original productions and remixes appearing amongst the edits, finding favor with icons such as Derrick May, Larry Heard and Gilles Peterson. As Adesse Versions, Kevin Gorman is paying tribute to his musical idols and creating timeless music for the body and soul. A former mainstay of the techno world, his music as Kevin Gorman graced labels such as Curle, Ostgut Ton and his own imprint Mikrowave.

A new force in techno has emerged. Charles Duff, also known as Matrixxman, has been busy soundtracking the technological singularity that unfolds before us. His sound tends to be cold and mechanised yet somehow retains an element of warmth, perhaps even soul, if you will. A lone spark of instantiated humanity that refuses to be extinguished by the din of automata marching toward us. Should you be the type of person who seeks validation from others, his music has been played by the likes of DVS1, Rødhåd, Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Richie Hawtin, and Levon Vincent, to name a few. He has also had the distinct pleasure of being remixed by Larry Heard, Silent Servant, and The Hieroglyphic Being, for whatever that’s worth. After a steady output of EPs on labels like Dekmantel, Planet Rhythm, and Delft, he released his first full-length album on Ghostly International in July of 2015.

Kim Ann Foxman
Kim Ann Foxman has had quite the career,” were FACT magazine’s words when she was induced into their critically acclaimed podcast series in 2016. The Hawaii born female shot to fame as a vocalist and has since continued her rise to become one of New York’s finest DJs and a prolific producer in her own right. Unfazed by trends and deeply rooted in the music, Foxman builds on the nostalgic records of her youth to create her own dynamic sound. A rare specimen who is equally likely to be found playing to intimate audiences as to huge festival crowds, her record selection is distinctive from that of her peers. She holds a highly regarded residency at Good Room in her home of Brooklyn, New York and is a regular at Panorama Bar in Berlin, places where she is able to explore different sounds whilst still captivating the dancefloor.

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