Keep It Kosher at Chinatown Soup on September 7, 2016

The Keep It Kosher Collective kicked off New York Fashion week with an interactive gathering at Chinatown Soup

Featuring an installations by Anna Bloda, Kristian Kirk, Michele Knafo, a Multi-Sensory Fashion Presentation by KNORTS and live music by Merks and more!

From the Keep It Kosher Collective:

As it’s generally understood, “kosher” means genuine and legitimate. Usually, to “keep it kosher” is to act properly or correct, through admissible behavior or acceptable mentality. But this mentality is being carefully defined by our media to disinform and dilute us.

Keep it Kosher is here to challenge such mindsets, seeking to celebrate and reinvent literary and artistic expression by our evolving collective consciousness of creatives. Founded by producer and stylist Jessette, KiK is an international underground network dedicated to bringing awareness to our individual definitions of “kosher”. Each KiK event seeks kosher candidates to curate each interactive, genre-defying multimedia experience. After this meeting of the minds, proceeds will be donated to the last event’s voted charity of choice. KiK’s global mission will continue to spread – guerilla style. Negative thoughts not invited.

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