Jeromes Closing Party on August 24, 2016

After nearly three years of it’s reincarnated life, this past week we said our final goodbye to Jeromes.

Jeromes (originally St. Jeromes) has been around since before launched. The Lower East Side seemed to be the epicenter of it all back then. Friends came from all over the city the meet up at various Lower East Side bar/club hybrids on each night of the week. What seemed like overnight (but was actually over the span of 10 years) our favorite hangouts began to close. We lost The Annex, Happy Ending, Darkroom, and many more.

And Jeromes, the last of our original hangouts, finally closed it’s doors this past week. Change is vital to the life of New York City and always will be. With that change we have many new amazing venues and experiences but loosing a place that feels like home is never easy.

EXTRA CREDIT: View the Jeromes Photo Archive!

EXTRA CREDIT: View the Jeromes Photo Archive!

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