Together Festival in Boston, Massachusetts from May 15-23, 2016

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Create Together at Danger!Awesome
Monday through Saturday — Danger!Awesome Makerspace — Consult Schedule as Workshop Times Vary

In addition to a stellar lineup, the festival will include a variety of daytime programming, taking place at two locations in the Central Square Cultural District in Cambridge, MA. The Mmmmaven Project, Cambridge’s DJ and Electronic Music Production school, will play host to a laboratory and the Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge, where visitors to the fest can learn or relax after work and before the nighttime concerts.

Across the street, at 645 Mass Ave., attendees are invited to visit Create Together at Danger!Awesome’s co­working and makerspace for meet­ups throughout the week. Attendees can expect to interact with robots, create polyhedrons which they can take home, meet synthesizers at a petting zoo, and learn about the history of dance music.

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