The Uncommon Collective Pop-Up Shop at Interface on February 11, 2017

The Uncommon Collective popped-up their exotic Valentine’s Day bazaar with complimentary health snacks, drinks, live music, giveaways and shopping at Manhattan’s Interface space.

Who: A collective of 10 young designers who strongly believe in the quality of the products they produce or source, from clothing to accessories and cosmetics to food. They also realllyyy like to dance…

Britt Bolton Jewelry
Ness Isabella
Not Made in China
One piece designs
Tisane Lip Balm

Cocktails by: Till & Sprocket
Health snacks and drinks by: Mamma Chia, MatchaBar, SaladPower
Giveaway Bags by: SHAG brooklyn
Live music by: Julietta and Sam Himself
DJ: Nitty Gritty


[All photos by Tiffany Rexach for]

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