Together Festival Day 4 at Middlesex Lounge on May 13, 2015

Featuring Sango, STWO, Black El, Durkin, Yvng Paul, Martyn, Tom Trago, Heleen Blanken, Florinsz Janvier, Cursed P and more!

Martyn — No stranger to Boston, Martyn hails from the port city of Rotterdam, Holland. Recently relocated to Washington, DC, he reflects the technical precision that reflects the Netherlands’ historic legacy. In his career, he’s somewhat of a chameleon, and his newest output is difficult to categorize.

Heleen Blanken — Heleen Blanken’s visuals have a unique style by creating a disturbing yet appealing atmosphere, where industrial overtones interact with the dark side of nature. Heleen shoots her own footage for all her VJ performances and video-based works.

Cursed P — With appearances at Club Trouw, Studio 80, STRP Festival, Tomorrowland and numerous of other clubs and festivals, Cursed P is considered as one of the emerging DJ-talents of the techno and house scene in the Benelux. As a bit of an outsider and through his progressive and highly danceable sets, he has made a lot of heads turn in the past few years. We’re pleased to have him as a guest as our special Dutch guest.

Tom Trago — Tom Trago has been a massive presence in Amsterdam for almost a decade now. Having put a handful of records on hot local label Rush Hour, Trago remains an in-demand DJ around the world while also finding time to run his own Voyage Direct label and party nights that showcase plenty of like-minded Dutch talent.

Durkin — Durkin is a pioneer. The local producer created an entire genre on his own: “Dreamclub.” A long-time resident at Zuzu Bar in Central, Durkin is no slouch, playing practically nightly in and around Boston. As a producer, his been played on the BBC and Rinse FM in the UK, all the while collaborating with local MCs and other like-minded, forward-thinking producers. Durkin is no less than The Man.

Sango — Sango’s infectious hip-hop inflected blend of dance music has quickly made him a staple of the Soulection label/scene unto itself. While his remixes of R&B acts like Aaliyah and The Weeknd drew some serious initial buzz, it was the Seattle based producer’s 2013 debut LP North that inspired near universal acclaim and helped Sango take his project on the road all over. These days, the man remains an act to be seen and heard.

STWO — In the realm of new era hip-hop and R&B, crews are being formed around the world and one of them is HW&W. Huh What and Where represents Kaytranda, Pomo and the Parisian known as STWO. Pronounced “Stew,” the young producer has gathered thousands of plays, launched a million blogs and dropped the dancehall funk sound of his latest “Try to Resist.” With a live set that promises to “leave you with your hands in the air and your jaw on the floor,” come ready to bounce.

Black El — Last year, Black El released one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking albums we’ve heard in a long long time. L_ST garnered attention from the most revered hip-hop circles and we gushed when he would drop references to Boston in his tracks. A talent who’s proved himself time and time again, Blake is joined for a special live appearance with his long-time collaborator Durkin.

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