STYLE: Throwback Thursday 90s Watermelon

Throwback Thursday to watermelon inspired apparel and accessories that bring back memories of our childhood and the 90s!

There is just something about watermelon that brings us instantly back to our childhood. Whether we are getting 90s vibes from our flashback or because the stylings of these printed apparel and accessories are that of the 90s, either way we’re totally diggin’ it!

This trend takes form in all shapes and sizes from tops, skirts, shorts, swimwear and most importantly bags!

Check out our favorite pink summer fruit inspired items below:
Watermelon Halter by TashfaceHandmade
Watermelon Circle Sarong by Lyloh
So Ripe Earrings by Melody Eshani
Sweet Watermelon Clutch by Nasty Gal
Printed Chiffon Scarf by American Apparel

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