ArtBattles with Robert Vargas at (Le) Poisson Rouge on April 23, 2015

Featuring Robert Vargas and more!

The objective of ArtBattles® is to create live art events and competitions to expose emerging artists to the public. This becomes an exhibition of the creative process through a battle between teams of artists. ArtBattles is innovative in that it has changed the way artists demonstrate their talents, creating a new model for art exhibition and sales. The goal of ArtBattles is to create a platform for inspiring this global movement.

The first Art Battle took place on Houston St. between Mulberry and Mott in an abandoned lot in September 2001. Since then, ArtBattles has performed over 100 live shows in NYC. ArtBattles had shows at Metropolitan Museum of Art and a regular summer battle at the Brooklyn Museum with an audience of 2,500 people, while still producing “underground” events around the world. Since 2010, ArtBattles has regularly toured in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. In 2012, ArtBattles also held battles in Verbier (Switzerland), Valencia (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Warsaw (Poland).

The mission of this site is to be the global hub for ArtBattles events and to create a community for international artists to make contact and battle. The mission of the blog and social media is to help expose artists and organizations like ourselves to our followers to help perpetuate the ArtBattles community.

ArtBattles seeks to bring art in to the next generation, share what we are doing and connect like minded people and organizations the world over. We believe the exclusivity that confines today’s art culture must be eliminated in order to ensure that art remains engaging and accessible.

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