STYLE: Winter Blush Pink Trend

Light pink in the dead of winter… who would of thought that this blush pink trend would kick it off in the cold?

When you think of light pink the first thing that comes to your mind is certainly not a winter time color… but think again. This trend takes this “summer color” and flips it to totally work for colder days. We’re thinking some inspiration was drawn from flushed cheeks from being out in the cold too long.

This winter pink trend incorporates all apparel from sweaters to dresses to accessories but we are especially seeing this trend play out through outerwear.

Check out our favorite blush pink picks below:
Pot Pourri Lace Dress by For Love & Lemons
Dusty Pink De-Fur Coat by Unreal Fur
Sunrise Cotton Pullover by Free People
Simona Top by Motel

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