STYLE: Bag of Bones Trend

skeleton trend

We seriously thought this boney trend had just about wrapped up, but we’re seeing it creeping up once again…

Just a few years, you couldn’t turn your head without seeing a skull… That had finally seemed to die down until now. This time around it’s not just all about the skull, but more so about the actual bones themselves!

We’re seeing bones inspired everything from hair accessories, to jewelry, to apparel and more.

Oh, and we’d bet some money on this trend creeping up again certainly has something to do with Halloween peering just around the corner.

Check out this boney trend below:
Ribs Black Leotard by BlackMilk Clothing
Skeleton Intarsia by Kill Star
Skeleton London Baby Doll Dress by Wildfox Couture
Skeleton Onesie by Kigurumi
Bones Maxi Dress by Jena. Theo

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