STYLE: Tropical Pineapple Trend

pineapple trend

There is really no explanation for this new trend, but pineapples seem to be taking the fashion world by storm.

Our educated best guess would be that it has to tie into this whole tropical themed craze that has yet to die down. From Hawaiian printed everything to bucket hats… and now pineapples. Seriously, Who would have known?

We’re talking pineapple everything… from dresses, bikinis, tops, bags and even menswear.

Check out all these snazzy finds that tie into this new fruity craze:
Pineapple Earrings by Jennifer Loiselle
Pineapple Weed Sugar Dolls Dress by United Couture
Pineapple Shorts by Pistola Denim
Pineapple Boardshort by Lightning Bolt
Pineapple Body Con Dress by Lazy Oaf

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