STYLE: Throwback Thursday Skorts are Back


Skorts were perfect when we were kids because we got to wear a skirt but could still totally play tag at recess…

Skorts are finding their way back into our closets and honestly they are a pretty functional and useful piece to own. The short and flirty mini skirt boomed in the 60s, but since then we had to deal with constantly pulling our skirts down, crossing our legs and hope to god nobody could see up our skirt while walking up the stairs… until the multi-functional skort was invented.

So these came and went, as all fashion does and i’m sure we all swore we’d never be caught dead again in a skort… but think again because they’re back!

Check out all these modernized versions of this blast from the past skirt means shorts:
Flower Festival Shorts by BLU Kanvas
Mini Skort by Zara
Printed Denim Skirted Skort by BDG at Urban Outfitters
Ty Skort by UNIF
Geo Tribal Print Skort by New Look

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