STYLE: Throwback Thursday Cartoon Kids


Don’t worry… you don’t have to grow up anytime soon because classic kiddie cartoons are making a major come back in the “adult” world!

Remember the good ol’ days of waking up to watch Saturday morning cartoons or popping in your favorite Disney movie into your VHS player?! Well, re-live your adolescents with this rad throwback trend. As opposed to just watching your fav kiddie animations, now you can totally rock em’ in your wardrobe.

Paying major tribute to Disney, Looney Toons and more!

Check out these flashback cartoons below:
Scrapbook Steamboat Willie Tee by Opening Ceremony
Garfield A Game Shirt by Lazy Oaf
Looney Tunes Sweet Tweet Dress by Lazy Oaf
90s Cartoon Backback by Shop Jeen
Alice in Wonderland Swimsuit by ROMWE
My Little Pony Blouse by Iron Fist

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