STYLE: Throwback Thursday Blast From the Past Creepy Cartoons

tbt cartoon

Obviously cartoons were a very large part of all of our childhoods no matter where, when or how we grew up.

With that being said, cartoons could never truly go out of style… but they can totally be updated to fit our radical generation. Introducing the new version of cartoons featuring irony, sarcastic sayings and just flat out creepy colorful doodles.

Much like Buff Monster drawing inspiration with a nod to the Garbage Pail Kids.

Drawing inspiration from doodles from classroom boredom, slimy and drippy fonts via stoner and skate culture, spray paint, vandalism and sharpie doodles.

Check out a few items below that fit this funky cartoony trend:
Guys The Beatnik Tee by Glamour Kills
Tie Dye Hat by Neff
Dig It Tshirt by Drop Dead Clothing
Zombie Keep Watch T-shirt by Mishka
Grow Up T-shirt by UNIF
The Melty Misfits by Buff Monster

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