GIFT GUIDE: Hipster Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Edition

HHGGSince Thanksgivukkah has come and gone that means we’re already cutting the holiday shopping craziness close!

If you’re anything like us you’re probably either panicking because you don’t know what to get anyone or procrastinating every day saying you’ll begin your shopping tomorrow (or the next day… or the next…).

Instead of doing either of those, let us at help you get things moving right along on your holiday shopping list. We’ve dug around on the vast Internet and compiled a list of our favorite awesome gifts.

Check out our list below and you will something for just about everyone-promise (even your iPhone addicted grandmother)!

For the friend fancies themselves a professional (iPhone) photographer:
We’ve found the solution of debating whether to just use your iPhone camera or to bring our your DSLR. With the Sony DSC-QX100 now your friend can have their cake and eat it too! They’ll get the image quality of their nice camera and the super easy convenience of carrying around their iPhone.


For the friend who’s got a case of wanderlust:
Adventure is this friend’s middle name and any chance they get to travel, they’ll go! But, wandering around the world is not so cheap, so why not bring your brick of gold travel weekender? Hopefully this brick of gold will pay for all your expenses along your trip.


For the friend who’s livin’ in the past:
For that friend who can’t get enough of throw backs from their childhood. Now they can have this cool 80s vibe even in their bathroom with Polaroll! Basically, your polaroid photo is a sheet of toilet paper! #HashtagEWWWWWW


For the friend looking to find themselves:
This metallic purple rainbow quartz pendant is perfect for your friend who’s trying to get in touch with their spiritual side. It is infused with healing vibrations and overall has some pretty neat powers like removing creativity blocks and tapping into your intuition. Also, the quartz crystal itself is just really rad looking.


For that hands on friend:
For that friend that is very hands on and loves to build, create, take apart and put together again. The Konstruktor Collector’s Gift Bundle from Lomography allows you to build your own camera complete from scratch, taking you on a journey through how film photography actually works. Also, you’ll get a super cool transparent collectors edition of the camera to add to the ambiance of your home.


For the friend that loves to make a statement:
When it’s cold outside it can be difficult to remain fashionable without freezing your little tush off. But, this friend some how, one way or another, always seems to find a way to keep it cute and manage to not freeze. With this Mishka beanie your friend can totally keep it warm and still make a statement with some hot ass colors.


For the friend who loves a little home decor:
This friend loves to mix it up by not only updating their wardrobe, but even by updating their home. These colorful Agate Slice Coasters are a cool way to refresh your bar accessories. Chill out and have a beer this holiday season on your new agate slices.


For the friend who’s got a serious sweet tooth (and greedy roommates):
We finally found a solution to keep your roommate out of your pint! This Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lock features a secret combo that will keep your pint secure from all those ice cream thieves. The best part is its snarky comment on the lock… “I’m terribly sorry but there is no “U” in “my pint.”


For the friend who’s got a sticker obsession:
Now, who doesn’t love stickers? Even better, who wouldn’t love emoji stickers? In this day and age why even speak when we can just express our emotions in smiley faces and stickers?! This are perfect for the friend who’s got a lot to say in only a few characters.


For the friend who’s always cold:
With these wacky warm onesies by Aloha From Dear you’ll never be alone again cold again! It’s a full on blanket that seconds as an outfit! You can rock this in the comfort of your own home and get all warm and snuggly or totally wear this out in public with some sneaks.


For your friend who love shameless plugs Nicky Digital:
It’s not too late to get your dad a Nicky Digital iPhone case! Or how about getting your bratty brother a Michael Shantz exclusive naughty Santa hoodie? We bet your grandma would love this NEW YORK, NEW YORK tote bag as much as you hope she never sees your picture on Perhaps mom would love a classic Nicky Digital mustachioed camera man tote bag?

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