DAILY STREAM: Canblaster, DJ Snake x Yellow Claw, and Dare Me! September 6, 2013 Edition!

Every day we receive a gazillion and one audio tunes and we can’t possibly feature them all … but it wouldn’t be fair to deprive your ears of their magic!

Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming release of Canblaster’s new EP? Seems like Canblaster is, as he just released a mini album teaser for “Infinite” on Marble Music, previewing all 6 tracks, to be released on September 16th. It’s very groovy stuff, with even groovier album artwork.

Moombahton-trap fans, rejoice. DJ Snake, Yellow Claw, and Spanker have given us a free download of their new collab “Slow Down” via Mad Decent. It appears that Snake and Yellow Claw have joined forces to become Voltron. That’s all we know about Voltron, for now.

Music recycles itself, and in this case, it grabbed an early-90’s gem and brought it back to 2013. Thanks to Dare Me, we were reminded today of the legendary Nirvana, with his edit of “Smells Like Team Spirit.” Dare Me dared, so show him some love for touching an untouchable work of art without ruining it.

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