FAVES FROM THE [8/23-8/25] WEEKEND: Mysteryland, Netherlands Edition!

Were you extra lazy this weekend? Too busy brunching so you missed some newly released tracks? Well, between mimosas we put together a few of our favorites to share with you!

Despite this weekend’s beautiful weather on the East Coast, we still wish we could have taken a vaca to The Netherlands for Mysteryland 2013 (yes, we’re aware that Creamfields happened this weekend as well, but we can’t please everybody). There’s something about European music festival sets that differentiate them from American ones- a difference in energy. Maybe it’s the way the sun shines, the plethora of languages spoken beneath blaring tunes, or the fact that many of our favorite artists hail from European countries, giving them a home turf advantage. But no matter the reasoning- here are a few of our favorite sets from this past weekend’s Mysteryland festival.

Bart B More is killing the game, period. He’s throws down some insanely wild beats in this mix, from house, to electro, to anything with a heavy bassline. It’s pretty incredible, and we should all bow down to his mixing skills…that is, if we can take a break from bouncing.

Next up is RAAF, also hailing from The Netherlands. His name might be small in the game at the moment (his Facebook page doesn’t have nearly enough fans, but quality is more important than quantity, right?), but not for long. Listen to his “UK-flavoured (deep) house” style set from Mysteryland 2013.

Let’s be candid here: We haven’t heard of¬†DJ Skill¬†before, and we don’t think he has a Facebook page for us to Like, but his Mysteryland set is filled with minimal techno goodness. Little bleeps, light clapping, zipper sounds and cymbals roam throughout this 80 minute set that we could play over and over again.

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