FAVES FROM THE [8/16-8/18] WEEKEND: Johnny Cade, Copyright and Simon Dunmore, and Josimar!

Were you extra lazy this weekend? Too busy brunching outdoors so you missed some newly released tracks? Well, between mimosas under the sun, we put together a few of our favorites to share with you!

Newly released on 2020Vision Recordings, Johnny Cade’sFind My Way” EP is some seriously smooth house. Just what the doctor ordered to finish out the summer-  it’s refreshing to step away from  festival season bangers and toward something a little more down to Earth, so let’s start with “Find My Way.”

Try something even smoother with today’s Defected In The House Radio Show, featuring Copyright and a guest mix from Defected’s owner and founder, Simon Dunmore. Copyright brings us some of the finest House music from across the globe, much of it released on Defected Records, while Simon Dunmore keeps the groove going with a ton of tracks we’ve never heard, but are totally into.

If you’re really feelin’ today’s serene sounds, move on to Josimar’s new mix presented via Wolf Music Recordings. Residing in Manchester, we hear Josimar is tearing up UK dancefloors with his Love Dose parties, while wearing a variety of “DJ baseball caps.” Count on us attending one of these events next time we’re overseas.

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