DAILY STREAM: Penguin Prison, Y4NN, and DJ Price! July 26, 2013 Edition!

Every day we receive a gazillion and one audio tunes and we can’t possibly feature them all … but it wouldn’t be fair to deprive your ears of their magic!

You’ve made it through another hot summer week…but now what? Begin your weekend with some electronic disco from Penguin Prison. A seasoned New Yorker, Chris Glover of Penguin Prison never ceases to disappoint us with the unique vibe of his modern disco tunes.

There have been countless remixes of Justin Timberlake x Jay Z tracks, but we had yet to hear a satisfying trap version of “Holy Grail,” until now. Colombian producer Y4NN might still be in the minor leagues of the music world, but we have to respect anyone who can pull off a trap version of a song involving J-Tim.

We’ve already mentioned how much we adore Robert Delong, the singer-songwriter-DJ-producer-multitasker, so of course we have to spread the word about DJ Price’sGlobal Concepts” remix. Faster, louder, and just as danceable, DJ Price hit the nail on the head in terms of turning an opener track into a headliner!

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