DAILY STREAM: Jesse Slayter, Stars on 33, and LeDoom! July 8, 2013 Edition!

Were you extra lazy weekend? Too hungover from July 4th so you missed some newly released tracks? Well, while you were busy recovering we put together a few of our favorites to share with you!

This Jesse Slayter remix of “Keep It Gully” might even be more gully (which, according to Urban Dictionary, means something from the streets or raw/real) than Diplo & Swick’s original version.

Are you craving disco today? Here’s your cure- a track called “Movin’ On” by Stars On 33, from their newest album “This Is Love.” Intended as authentic disco, they hit the nail on the head with this tune.

If you’re feeling the disco, you’ll definitely be into LeDoom’s new summer funk track, “You & I,” created exclusively for your sunny beach days and sweaty nights out.

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